What are the Benefits of Holistic Addiction Treatment?

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Opting to go to drug rehab is the first, most encouraging step for a loved one looking to disentangle themselves from the clutches of drug addiction. However, now that they have opted to seek addiction treatment, which therapy is best for them? What facility should you visit? There are plenty of questions, all of which may seem overwhelming at first.

One of the best addiction treatment solutions is Holistic treatment. Holism in medicine is patient care that encompasses the psychological, social and spiritual aspects of health and wellness, in addition to the physical ones.

Holistic approaches involve the use of non-drug techniques to ensure all-round wellbeing for a recovering addict. These techniques seek to eliminate the stressors that hinder recovery and bring back the mind, spirit, and body into congruence. Such methods involve exercise, counseling, yoga, and proper nutrition to treat both the physical and emotional ravages caused by drug use.

Below is an in-depth look at these holistic treatment techniques, and the massive benefits they will bring to your loved one:

Proper nutrition

The importance of nutrition in addiction recovery cannot be underestimated. Drug abuse often causes significant damage to the blood vessels, liver, kidneys, lungs and brain; and with the right foods, the recovering addict can begin to reverse the damage slowly. The proper nutrition will also ensure that your loved one enjoys emotional stability, better sleep, and a general improvement of their body function.


Drug use often weakens the body and exercise is one of the proven methods of getting a recovering addict’s body back up and running. Moderate exercises will help your loved one’s muscles get stronger, improve their sense of wellbeing and give them a stable routine. The breathing and stretching exercises in yoga have been proven by Harvard Medical School to reduce the release of Cortisol, the stress hormone, which reduces stress accompanied by early addiction.


A clear mind is critical for the addict to understand and internalize the treatment process fully. Many holistic treatment therapists guide their patients through meditations to help increase mindfulness for a more effective treatment experience. Yoga and Tai Chi are also used as meditation practices in many holistic programs. At least 30 minutes of meditation has also been found to improve the functioning of the emotional center of the brain as well as the memory, both of which are severely affected by drug use.

Art therapy

Since the 1950s, the use of art by drug rehab facilities to assist patients in expressing themselves has been proven to be effective. Many people who are suffering from addiction have deep-seated traumas that cause them perpetual pain. A therapist can guide a patient to bring out their creative juices within a spiritual setting through different forms of art.

Chiropractic therapy

This treatment is used to manage the pain that may have caused the drug use in the first place. It also helps improve the neurotransmitter network function, which is hampered by drug use.

Guided imagery

This is a kind of hypnotherapy used to improve one’s state of mind and emotions by reducing anxiety and improving sleep quality.

Equine therapy

This therapy has helped many patients overcome their addiction and fears by assisting them to get back in touch with their feelings. Horses have better instinct at detecting human feelings than humans do, and horse-guided interactions are beneficial to access the emotions that drug use closed off.

Reasons why you should opt for holistic addiction treatment

Detox is just the first step of many

Unlike other forms of treatment that tend to emphasize on getting your loved one off the use of the drug, holistic treatment methods also make sure that they never go back there. Methods like counseling and group therapy will help them deal with the underlying issues. Again, their body also needs healing, and the cravings haranguing them need to be eliminated, both of which are adequately handled by nutritional therapy.

They deal with the root of the illness

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services, most people with a substance abuse disorder also have a mental illness, and for successful treatment, both diseases need to be treated concurrently.

They inculcate a feeling of self-worth and life skills

Often recovering addicts also suffer from lack of self-esteem, loneliness and have no life or social skills, a holistic approach will help them learn to value themselves and teach them skills like assertiveness so that they can overcome stressors and predisposing factors.

It offers a natural solution to addiction

Many diseases today can be cured with a prescription or pills, but addiction is not that straightforward. Holistic techniques encourage patients to find healing from within, because this way, they will be able to sustain themselves in sobriety even when faced by the circumstances that made them start using.


Most people feel that addiction recovery centers tend to overlook other significant factors that caused the illness in the first place. However, with a holistic treatment program, you are assured of a personalized experience for your loved one that will lead them to sobriety long after they leave the facility. Contact us today to reach out to an addiction professional and learn more about the benefits of entering into a holistic treatment program.

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