Tiger Neuro technology has proven clinically effective in treating addiction and is offered at The Ajna Center.

What is Tiger Neuroscience?

After decades of research and clinical application, Tiger Neuroscience has a physician-designed mental health assessment and treatment system for individuals as well as for recovery centers, primary and pediatric care practices to best serve their clients.

The Tiger Process brings the Autonomic Nervous System into balance, like training wheels. With practice, your brain learns and re-regulates itself into a healthy pattern. By the end of the process, your brain and by extension, your Autonomic Nervous System, is balancing on its own — like riding a bicycle.

Specifically, The Tiger Process uses Neurofeedback to provide visual and auditory cues on a screen, and rewards for reinforcement, to train the brain. When brain waves are in the optimal range, it gets a reward — a movie plays uninterrupted onscreen. When your brain wanders out of range, the movie stops or changes in a way the brain doesn’t like and the brain seeks to correct itself.

The four types of brainwaves.

In this way, your brain’s neuroplasticity — its ability to change itself — produces improvements in mood, attention, learning, and more. Naturally, pain-free, and without drugs.

We proudly offer Tiger Neuroscience at our inpatient addiction treatment center and drug rehab in beautiful San Diego, California.

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Tiger Neuroscience
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