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The Ajna Center is an innovative holistic + modern, luxury treatment program for drug + alcohol abuse in San Diego, CA.

Drug Addiction Treatment + Inpatient Rehab

Drug rehabs can be an extremely scary prospect, but for a person struggling with addiction, it might feel like a necessary evil. Addiction Rehabs can be highly effective, when the treatments are embraced, accepted, and life changes are met with joy and optimism as much as possible. It is important to note that the client must be willing to embrace the treatment for it to be effective.

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After Detox: Inpatient Rehab is Where Change Happens

Detox isn’t a pleasant time, but it is often a necessary part of drug rehabilitation. Once the detox is done, it will be time to start the hard work, and this is where The Ajna Center comes in.

You may find that exercise and activities such as yoga, hiking, meditation, and even attending church are part of your drug rehab experience. You may also be expected to take an active role in activities such as group therapy and individual therapy.

At first, this might feel extremely painful and frustrating. You may feel irritable and overwhelmed with the schedule that your rehab has set for you, but with time, you will likely find that staying busy is actually a blessing and can help to keep you from thinking about using substances and turn your focus toward living a healthy, clean, and productive life.

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Recovery from Drug Abuse is Within Your Reach

With time, it is likely that you will find your experience with drug rehab becomes a more positive one. This is a safe place, and if you choose to stick it out, you will always have the support you need, and the freedom from the triggers that are going to come at you from all sides when you return to your normal life. Rehabs can often be a safety zone where people do incredibly well, but coming home can be the hardest part for some.

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