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The Ajna Center is an innovative holistic + modern, luxury treatment program for drug + alcohol abuse in San Diego, CA.

Alcoholism: Inpatient Treatment & More

For many, the scariest thing about choosing to go to rehab is not knowing what to expect during treatment. While the idea of alcohol rehab can seem scary, rehab itself isn’t really scary at all.

It’s likely that the first thing a person will have to do when they go to rehab to treat alcohol addiction is going through detox. This can be a dangerous time if unsupervised, and clients are closely monitored. It is necessary for a person to detox before entering an alcohol rehab center to get all of the substance out of their system, and this is when it will happen.

Many times, a rehab will either ask that a person attend a detox center, or many rehabs have on-site detox where a person can clean out their system with a caring staff that will do their best to ensure that the client is as comfortable as possible. We work with both types of centers and can discuss this with you before making a decision as to what rehab center might be best for you.

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What Happens at an Alcohol Rehab Program

Once a person has undergone and completed detox, they will enter rehab, and for many, this is where the real work of therapy, activities, and changing long-term behaviors begins. During rehab, you may have your communications with the outside world limited for a time while you become acclimated to a life free of alcohol.

This is a bad time for outside influences for many people, and that’s why many rehab facilities choose to limit contact with friends and family for a time. It is understood that some people run businesses or have other commitments on the outside world, so rehab centers that are cell phone and laptop friendly do exist. If this is something you require, we can certainly help you to find a facility that will work.

The focus will likely be on setting a schedule and undergoing individual and group therapy, as well as working to identify triggers and parts of the personality that might react to alcohol and cause an addiction.

With time, activities are often introduced, such as working out, yoga, walking, hiking and even horseback riding in some cases. All of them are meant to focus on good overall health and offer a soothing, stress relieving experience so the mind isn’t stuck on alcohol and what is being missed out on.

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Stay Sober After Rehab + Let Us Help You

During a stay in alcohol rehab, clients will also be encouraged to work with family, friends, and therapists to develop a relapse prevention plan. Aftercare will play a big part, and some people choose to stay in what is called a half-way house after rehab to allow for extended support while they continue on their journey to recovery. Others may choose to return to their normal lives, armed with tools and strategies to help them to avoid triggers that make them want to drink.

At The Ajna Center, we set our clients up for success when they leave our program. When it comes to long-term sobriety, The Ajna Center offers clients the opportunity to overcome alcohol abuse once and for all at our Cardiff-by-the-Sea detox program, just outside of San Diego, California. Contact us today to learn more about how our program can help you find sustainable sobriety once and for all.

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