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The Ajna Center is an innovative holistic + modern, luxury treatment program for drug + alcohol abuse in San Diego, CA.

Yoga + Addiction Recovery

As addiction treatment continues to evolve, patients are finding considerable value in additional body-centered therapies. The integration of yoga into rehab has become particularly widespread. Yoga promotes heighten physical, emotional and spiritual awareness and can help patients identify the physical and behavioral patterns that trigger substance abuse. Though it is not a substitute for counseling or other core aspects of addiction treatment, yoga can have an immensely positive effect on the mind and the body.


How Yoga Can Benefit Recovery from Substance Abuse

By the time addiction takes hold, the brain chemistry has been altered and physical cravings have become so severe that they can seem to control an addict’s behavior, despite one’s best intentions. Although denial plays an enormous part in addiction, many individuals are unaware of how chemical dependency affects their body and the steps they can take to successfully pursue wellness. Simply put, they don’t know how to feel good anymore.

Yoga provides a variety of healing benefits, including:


Yoga can be an invaluable supplement to the detox process. Different body positions can improve the condition and function of specific parts of the body and major organs, aiding to significantly quicken the detoxification process.


The breathing and concentration exercises learned in yoga can help patients learn to process stress and adversity in a healthy and responsible manner. This serves patients throughout their recovery journey and is a practice they can take with them even after they leave treatment and encounter circumstances that make them vulnerable to relapse.


Yoga focuses equally on the mind and the body, and is an ideal tool for patients looking to heal on all levels. It offers a combination of physical and emotional support found in no other type of exercise or therapy.

Although yoga has only recently been incorporated into addiction treatment, many patients of all backgrounds prefer this form of additional therapy.

How We

Enjoy Yoga on the Beach in San Diego at The Ajna Center

Our yoga sessions are led by certified instructors with the experience and passion to successfully guide your recovery and motivate you to get the most out of this therapy. Patients form a series of poses that have been specifically designed to target different areas of the body and promote flexibility. The poses are held until the instructor directs participants to change. Although we conduct our yoga therapy on our state-of-the-art Palm Beach campus, patients who wish to continue yoga after they leave treatment can do it anywhere.

Yoga can help ease the tension, both physical and emotional, that you experience during times of instability in your life. Please consult your intake coordinator for more information about our yoga program.

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Yoga Therapy on the Beach
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