Juice Cleanse

The Ajna Center utilizes the amazingly fresh, organic juice cleanses from Oh! Juice at our San Diego rehab.

How Can Juice Cleanses Benefit Recovery from Addiction?

We are proud to have partnered up with OH! Juice; a completely organic local juice company. Their mission is to deliver the freshest and highest quality ingredients. Creating a perfect combination of healing nutrition and delicious flavor. In addition to our providing full course meals throughout your stay, we offer as an option full 1-3 day juice cleanses to each of our clients. We strongly recommend the juice cleanse as an unsurpassed way to jump-start a new health-conscious diet while restoring vital nutrients for a healthy immune system and overall feeling of well-being.

Juice cleansing can be very effective in aiding the common symptoms of constipation and or upset bowel syndrome early on in detoxification. Oh! Juice cleanses give you a natural boost of energy, has anti-inflammatory benefits, restores healthy digestion, improves the appearance of skin, gives you mental clarity, increases white blood cells and accelerates the detox process by restoring at a cellular level. This is one of the missing links in many detox programs, often malnourished in our addictions it is extremely important to restore the body with vital nutrients. Another major benefit is that it reduces unnecessary weight gain early on in treatment. Experience shows the number one cause for relapse in women is weight gain. Juice cleansing gives an opportunity to start a healthy life style in the very beginning of their recovery. At the Ajna center we believe that what we do early on in our recovery sets the tone for our optimal future.


Cleanse Your Mind, Body + Spirit at The Ajna Center

The Ajna Center, located in Cardiff-by-the-Sea just outside of San Diego is proud to offer a truly innovative program that treats the mind, body and spiritual health of all of our clients in order to provide each with a pathway to long-term recovery.

If you are ready to take the first step towards freedom from active addiction, contact us today or begin the process by verifying your insurance benefits today.

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Organic Juice Cleanse
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