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Heroin Addiction + Detox

Heroin is perhaps one of the most well-known opiates in the world. World drug usage reports released by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime indicate that there were upwards of 14 million people who had consumed heroin in 2009 alone.

Heroin is one of the most addictive drugs available, and thus it’s also one of the most difficult to stop using. However, with the proper detox method, even mental dependency can be conquered.

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Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms + What to Expect During Detox

Symptoms of heroin withdrawal can begin within hours of the last dosage as the drugs move through the system, making it want replenishment. The detox process continues every day the body goes without heroin; within three days, the symptoms are usually at their worst. Stronger dependencies will have more severe symptoms, and may not have a withdrawal peak until later.

After a week, the worst of the physical detox is usually over, although symptoms can persist for longer. Physical pain, severe depression, shakes, and even insomnia and fever are likely to occur during the detox period, but the severity of each incident is quite individual. Severe reactions during detox can be life-threatening for some.

The difficulty that addicts face when trying to stop using heroin independently is that the cravings, combined with the pain experienced during withdrawal, become too much to tolerate. More often than not, this causes an addict to relapse, simply so they can alleviate their discomfort. While heroin addicts are still likely to experience some symptoms of detox even while attending a rehab program, the added support and medical monitoring lead to better success, since they are no longer forced to overcome it all alone.

Medication. Methadone is one of the most recognized methods for opiate detox because it allows users to step down gradually from heroin use by mimicking the effects of the drug. The process can be lengthy, but the goal is to keep withdrawal symptoms at a manageable level throughout detox. This treatment is provided on regular intervals, and often, in an outpatient capacity.

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Let Our San Diego Heroin Detox Progam Help

Inpatient and outpatient rehab centers have started to incorporate holistic drug treatment into their programs to offer patients natural methods to kick their drug habits. If you want to give up chemical use on a permanent basis, then this may be a good option for you.

Addicts with a history of relapsing and those who have severe long-term addictions are not likely to have success receiving treatment on an outpatient basis. At an inpatient rehab center where they are monitored, they are forced to stay on the path to success. Inpatient treatment is beneficial for any heroin addict, but there are many addicts who will only be successful with this option.

Heroin is a difficult drug to detox from, but it’s not impossible to do so. Speak to various drug treatment professionals, and they can help you determine the best detox method for your situation. 

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