John DaleyFounder/CEO

    John Daley was born in Newport Beach, CA and got his BA at the University of Arizona. John has been working in the recovery world since 2013.  After going in and out of treatment programs, he found a new way of life through spiritual growth.  John started as a house manager and then shortly after lost the love of his life to the disease of addiction.  After that, he started helping females get treatment because of the different struggle that females dealt with as opposed to males.  Shortly after Rehab Services LLC was created he worked with treatment centers across the country.  John has been blessed to be able to save hundreds of individuals by giving them an opportunity to live a better life.  He used all that he had experienced and started a vision for The Ajna Center.  Coming from a place of compassion and understanding he and Aaron have implemented a Treatment center with new ways to get sober as well as individual therapy that has a proven track record based on individuals prior experiences.

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