Aaron PriceFounder/CFO

    My name is Aaron Price. I am both blessed and honored to be co-founding owner and operator in The Ajna Center.  Currently, I am forty-one years of age. My life has taken a series of extreme twists and turns. For many years I had searched for meaning and escape in partying using alcohol and illicit drugs to escape or connect with others that had indeed lost their direction in life.   Seeking out anything that could fill a void and mask my pain and the distress of not having a true purpose in life.

    These escape routes lead me down a path I had never intended or bargained for.

    Lost years, lost opportunities, marriage, work, dreams etc. To make matters worse  I continued to run to this broken lifestyle, in the face of legal battles and an extensively checkered record that continually and perpetually surmounted and began to overshadow my life.   Today I consider myself one of the most blessed men that has ever lived and having had the pleasure of turning a life bent on destruction, into a life filled with faith, joy, and love.  The road to transformation was not an overnight success. It has taken a determination to let go of the past and perseverance into a new uncharted future. I now have a lust for learning, for health, and healing.   This has lead me to some of the most fulfilling of journeys of my life.  In my Journey to create the most successful treatment center, I have mastered and experienced the following, Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki practitioner, Time-line therapy practitioner, Neuro-linguistic programming practitioner, Anthony Robbins Master University, Unleash the Power Within, Date with Destiny, Life and Wealth Mastery, Hypnotherapy work with Dr. Goerge Pratt, Coaching with Proctor and Gamble Institute. These and many more have given me an understanding of the many different ways to get sober.  I have taken a bit of everything to create The Ajna Center.  My freedom and understanding that continues to grow and change constantly.  I love my life. I am tremendously blessed.

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