Spirituality in Recovery

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What is Spirituality?

Spirituality means different things to different people. Some people develop spirituality as an alternative to organized religious practice, but that doesn’t mean spirituality is exclusive of religion or a religious experience. The term refers to a broad range of human spiritual experiences, including attending religious service, prayer and meditation, exploring themes in books written by spiritual leaders, and much more.

Being a spiritual person, therefore, does not require that you follow any religion or do anything at all in particular. In fact, there are many people who openly profess to not believing in God but still pursue spirituality.

If you are interested in spirituality but do not come from a religious background or are not presently religious, don’t worry. You’re not alone in your concerns. To make a start, you don’t need to commit to going to religious services or to believe in religious teachings. Just be open to the idea that spirituality may be helpful for your recovery from an alcohol or drug addiction, and be ready to explore concepts and ways of thinking and feeling that may be new to you.

Is Spirituality a Part of 12-Step Recovery?

12-step recovery groups like Alcoholics Anonymous are based in spirituality, and you may expect to hear people talk about spirituality when you attend such a meeting. Recovery groups rooted in spirituality are able to promote positive psychology and social network support, which can dramatically improve the life of a recovering individual and his or her chance to get and stay sober.

AA and other 12-step recovery groups do not, however, require that you believe in a particular faith or even in God as God is conventionally understood. In the third of the 12 steps, members are encouraged to surrender to God as they understand God, but no more specific direction is given.

Can Spirituality Help Me Stay Sober?

Many people find that developing a sense of spirituality helps them get sober and maintain long term sobriety. If you believe you may have an issue with drugs or alcohol or are interested in learning more about how spirituality can improve your path toward recovery, call us now. We can help you get clean and live a life happy, joyous and free from alcohol and drugs.

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