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Relapse Prevention

The Ajna Center offers the latest in relapse prevention therapies and techniques in order to provide clients with a path to long-term recovery.

Planning for a Relapse is the First Step in Prevention

When entering recovery, the last thing you want to think about is relapsing back on drugs or alcohol. However, with relapse statistics ranging from 50-90%, we believe that preventing relapse starts from the beginning of the recovery process. We weave relapse prevention techniques throughout your treatment so that you can learn to identify your triggers and replace negative behaviors with positive behaviors. Relapse prevention starts when your treatment starts whether you are in the PHP, IOP, or the Outpatient Program. It is integrated into your therapy using the GORSKI-CENAPS model of relapse prevention.


The Ajna Center Utilizes The Gorski Method to Identify Triggers

Developed by Terence T. Gorski, the GORSKI-CENAPS Model for relapse prevention is a 9-step process for identifying the early warning signs of relapse and then replacing potentially dangerous behaviors with positive behaviors. It is considered to be the industry standard and has proven effective because it was designed to integrate new research findings into the process. The early warning signs of relapse can be a very slow and subconscious progression. The GORSKI-CENAPS Model helps the recovered addict spot the warning signs and seek support before a relapse occurs.

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Let Our Customized Relapse Prevention Programming Help You Find Recovery

We know that the recovery process doesn’t end after treatment, and our services don’t end there, either. We have an Alumni group that meets once a month and offers a special 24-hour hotline, and our Relapse Prevention Program provides ongoing support for as long as is needed.

We know that addiction affects the entire family and the loved ones of the person battling addiction. We offer family services, such as Family Night events twice per month, along with a variety of programming options to appeal to a wide variety of needs. Our family- centered and holistic approach to recovery focuses on all areas physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This has been very successful for clients looking to break addiction and become productive members of society once treatment is complete. We also offer case management services to help you with lifestyle changes, such as finding a job or an apartment, or going back to school.

The Ajna Center offers hope and help to our clients. Contact us today to speak confidentially with an admissions counselor who can provide you with information on insurance, transportation, and more.

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Relapse Prevention
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