How to Adjust to a New Life in Sobriety

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An addition has grabbed you by the lapels and forced you into a terrifying and hard-to-escape situation. However, you are ready to go to rehab and fuel your sobriety and recovery using high-quality treatment. However, the challenges of sobriety extend beyond this care, so you need to follow the methods below to ensure that you are happy and healthy.

Beat Boredom When You Can

People who quit drugs often find that they are very bored during their downtime. It was in these moments that the person abused substances the most. Without them, a person can feel confused, annoyed, and compelled to use. Sadly, boredom is a powerful emotion and is one that often inspires many people to use in the first place.

Therefore, you need to know how to manage your boredom in positive ways. Find a new hobby that inspires you, such as jogging or writing, and use it to fill your downtime. And if you get bored or stressed at work and feel like you need to abuse substances when you get home, master relaxation methods such as meditation.

“Fake It Until You Make It”

The subconscious mind is a significant problem for people going through rehab because it often reinforces the negative ideas or behaviors that got you addicted in the first place. As a result, you need to “fake it until you make it” or pretend like you are stronger than you are in reality. This method has been tested as one of the most effective ways to increase your self-esteem and self-control.

As a result, you need to start thinking positive things about yourself and behaving as if you are totally in control of your sobriety and your recovery. Even if you feel weak and sometimes unable to handle the demands of your care, faking it will help inspire you to higher success by tricking your subconscious mind.

Understand Your Mental Changes

Substance abuse will literally change the way that your mind works and rewire it to reward you for abusing drugs. As a result, you can’t punish yourself too heavily if you feel compelled to abuse substances. You aren’t weak or immoral – your mind has simply changed and needs time to recover. Thankfully, staying sober will help your mind go back to normal eventually.

These changes are a significant influence on why you are addicted and must be fully understood if you want your recovery to be successful. Just as importantly, you need to take active steps to change these mental concepts to improve your chances of lifelong sobriety. For example, you can get cognitive behavioral therapy to overcome your impulses.

Create a Support Group

Sobriety isn’t something that you should attempt to tackle alone. Imagine trying to get through any kind of recovery without help. For example, people who have cancer typically don’t isolate themselves from everyone that they love and hope that they get better. Instead, they surround themselves with medical professionals and loved ones.

And since addiction is a disease like cancer, you need to create a support group who can help you in any way that you need. These individuals can be there to help you overcome a craving, talk you down when you feel a relapse growing in you, or help you pick up the pieces if you do relapse. Don’t take this journey alone – create a group of loved ones who know what you’re experiencing and who will help you recover.

Learn to Ignore Bad Influences

Drug addiction does not occur in a vacuum – in fact, substance abuse often requires peer pressure and a social group of like-minded users. Other people abuse drugs in specific circumstances, and a considerable part of your lifelong recovery and sobriety is pinpointing these bad influences and avoiding them for good. This step is often a hard one that requires a lot of care and attention to manage appropriately.

For example, you may need to stop hanging out with people with whom you used drugs in the past. These individuals will only try to get you to use again or may trigger use even if they don’t pressure you. Just as importantly, you need to avoid places and situations that triggered you to abuse in the past, such as Super Bowl parties and other similar situations.

Ask for Professional Help When It is Needed

If you need help with your recovery and want the best chance to achieve sobriety, please contact us at The Ajna Center today. We are a rehab center in San Diego, California that offers outpatient, inpatient, detox, psychological, and experiential therapies. We can help you regain the sober life that you deserve.  is a drug & alcohol treatment program in San Diego, CA that offers detox, inpatient and outpatient.

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