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The Ajna Center is an intimate alcohol and drug addiction detox and rehab center in beautiful San Diego, California. We offer a truly holistic approach to recovery.

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The Ajna Center offers Comfortable Alcohol and Drug Addiction Detox and Rehab Treatment in San Diego, California.

What We Treat

Explore the types of addictions and mental health disorders treated by the professionals at The Ajna Center in  San Diego, California.

How We Help

From detox to inpatient drug and alcohol rehab, learn more about the programs at The Ajna Center’s San Diego, California treatment center.

What To Expect

Discover the unique holistic, traditional and modern therapies offered in The Ajna Center’s innovative treatment programs.

Body. Mind. Spirit.

Our Approach

Getting in touch with your mind and body helps you transition from active addiction, negative thoughts, and reckless behavioral patterns into a positive way of thinking that supports a healthier, more fulfilled life. This is why, at The Ajna Center, we offer holistic services that aid in healing the body and the mind. Our holistic approach supports massage, engaging in sound therapy, yoga, breathwork, art therapy, nutritional education, and more. We utilize the power and tranquility of the ocean that supports healing from within. On occasion, we even invite special guests to our treatment center to hear their stories of recovery as told through their art, music, and spirituality.

Holistic & Traditional

The Ajna Difference

Addiction is a pandemic in our communities; substance use has become a crippling coping skill for many that has proven unsuccessful, with often dire consequences to the individual. Through our approach of Mind.Body.Spirit The Ajna Center is able to provide services to our clients based on their needs as a core foundation to ongoing successful recovery. Drugs and alcohol are short term answers to long term problems.  We strongly believe that our customized treatment plans can relieve an individual of these symptoms by providing them with new tools and a deeper understanding of the disease of addiction.

Drug Detox San Diego:
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Our Treatment Process


Customized Treatment

Millions of people seek freedom from active addiction every year. But making the decision to enter treatment is a difficult and often overwhelming process. The Ajna Center strives to acknowledge each person’s individuality and their unique struggles as this is the first step to ensuring the highest quality of treatment for every client that comes to us for help.


Natural Environments for Healing

The Ajna Center believes that introducing clients to the tranquility and peace of nature during their treatment is essential to the healing process. It has been discovered that being in natural environments reduces stress and creates a sense of comfort. Our evidence-based approaches will provide our clients with ideas for new coping skills that support holistic approaches to everyday stressors. The Ajna Center recognizes the value of the ocean, the beach, local botanical gardens, nature walks, and more in the healing process for our clients.

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  • It's amazing how they incorporate fun activities into the program. I've learned a lot about my addiction from a scientific standpoint and experienced natural highs through meditation, breathwork, surf therapy, beach walks, sound therapy, yoga, and nutrition. I've learned how to be a good friend and find a job... I'm so happy I came here.

    James I.

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