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The Ajna Center is an innovative holistic + modern, luxury treatment program for drug + alcohol abuse in San Diego, CA.

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The Ajna Center offers Luxury Addiction Treatment in San Diego

What We Treat

Explore the different types of addictions + mental illness treated by the treatment professionals at The Ajna Center in Cardiff by the Sea in the San Diego area of California.

How We Help

From detoxification to residential inpatient and aftercare services, learn more about the treatment programs at The Ajna Center’s addiction treatment program.

What To Expect

Discover the unique holistic, traditional + modern therapies, and program components offered in our treatment programs at The Ajna Center.

Body. Mind. Spirit.

Our Approach

Getting in touch with your mind and body helps you transition from active addiction, negative thoughts, and reckless behavioral patterns into a positive way of thinking that supports a healthier, more fulfilled life. This is why, at The Ajna Center, we offer holistic services that aid in healing the body and the mind. Our holistic services include massage therapy, sound alchemy, kundalini yoga classes, surf therapy, Breathwork, art therapy, chiropractor visits, nutritional education, and more. In sticking to our roots, we utilize the tranquility of the ocean and power of drum circles to promote healing from within. On occasion, we even invite special guests to our treatment center to hear their stories of recovery as told through their art, music, and spirituality.

Holistic + Traditional

The Ajna Difference

We Believe that addiction is a genetic pre-disposition and therefore certain individuals are born with this disease. As a substance is used as a coping mechanism after trauma the person eventually becomes physically and mentally addicted. This is therefore considered a disease by the cause and effect model; this mental disease is when there is an obsession of the mind an allergy of the body and the phenomenon of craving. The problem with addiction is it takes catastrophic consequences to change the behavior. Drugs and alcohol are a short term answer to a long term problem. We strongly believe that with our customized treatment plans it will relieve an individual of these symptoms by having the tools and understanding of the disease.

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Our Treatment Process


Customized Treatment

Millions of people attend rehab every year. While most of the addictions are similar in their uncontrollable nature, they are different in their effects on the body. For example, an alcohol addiction looks completely different from a cocaine addiction. Additionally, each addict has a unique combination of personal history, co-occurring health conditions, and social factors that contribute to drug abuse. When people enter rehab, it is essential that the treatment facility acknowledges each person’s unique struggles with drugs because recognizing individuality is the first step to ensuring quality treatment for each patient.


Holistic + Traditional Therapies

By taking a holistic approach to your rehabilitation treatment, I ensure that it is as successful as possible. I listen, assess and provide solutions that speed up your recovery from physical trauma, work-related injuries and more. As addiction treatment continues to evolve, patients are finding considerable value in additional body-centered therapies. The integration of yoga into rehab has become particularly widespread. Yoga promotes heighten physical, emotional and spiritual awareness and can help patients identify the physical and behavioral patterns that trigger substance abuse.


Experiential + Surf Therapy

Being trapped in groups all day takes away from each person’s recovery because they want to learn new ways to cope with stress other than bringing them in a classroom to lecture them on Statistics and filling out handouts. We have found that with Surf Therapy individuals have shown a lower stress level and a sense of comfort as soon as they hit the water. We are proud to have partnered up with OH! Juice; a completely organic local juice company. Their mission is to deliver the freshest and highest quality ingredients. Creating a perfect combination of healing nutrition and delicious flavor. In addition to our providing full course meals throughout your stay, we offer as an option full 1-3 day juice cleanses to each of our clients.

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  • No expenses have been spared on this place. They actually offer everything that they talk about on their site. Pretty amazing how they incorporate fun activities into their program. Learn a lot about your disease from a scientific standpoint and then experience natural highs through meditation, breathwork, reiki, surf therapy, beach walks, sound therapy, yoga, nutrition, how to be a friend, find a job, get you the resources to actually get the job you want, etc.

    John D.

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